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Do you suffer from any of these conditions?

Cardiovascular Disease

Conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels

Type 2 Diabetes

Condition in which your body does not use insulin properly.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Condition when your blood pressure is consistently too high

High Cholesterol

Condition that can lead to the build up of lipids that narrow the arteries


Common skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells causing scales and red patches


Occurrences of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin


Medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed

Erectile Dysfunction

Inability of a man to maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying sexual activity


Damaging immune response by the body to a substance, to which it has become hypersensitive


Painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints


Condition characterized by slightly elevated blood glucose levels


Abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health

ProdHealth can help.

Platform Features

Your Health Data...all in one place.

Our platform tracks all of your wearable devices, to monitor your health data in realtime, allowing our health professionals to make knowledgeable recommendations to improve your health outcomes.

On Demand, In-Person Support

With ProdHealth, you will get assistance cooking, grocery shopping, or even walking around the block. Our ProdHealth Coaches will link up with your requested schedule and location and meet you to do anything to keep you on track. Our ProdHealth Doctors will call in monthly to check in and make sure all is well on your medications and progress. In addition, they're at your disposal to answer any and all questions.

24/7 Meal Planning & Advice

Get access to our ever expanding library of wonderful whole food, plant-based recipes, and with assistance from a ProdHealth Coach, meal prep for the week, making staying on track a breeze.

ProdHealth Rewards & Financial Wellness

Get rewarded with real dollars for staying on course. Unlock monthly ProdHealth Rewards by completing step counts, meal prepping and other health metric improvements that we will be tracking with you. All real money that can be deposited in your bank, used for discounts at local eateries or other tax beneficial programs (HSA, 529, IRA) which we will help you with along the way. No strings attached, we pay you to be a healthier you!

Environmental Wellness

There are many gloomy outlooks in today’s media about the state of our current environment and the lives of billions of poorly treated animals in industrial farming. On the ProdHealth platform, we will track all of the environmental benefits that you will be generating through your new, healthier lifestyle. We don’t have to wait for future policy changes or for someone else to change first, change whats on your plate today, and we will show you the massive impacts you have on tomorrow.


The current system has failed you. From advertising, to food prices and availability, to grocery stores, to societal judgments, to doctors, its difficult to be healthy. We will make it easier for you, teach you how to navigate the system, prove our results and also reward you along the way!


Businesses today have the unique position to not only turn a profit for their investors and provide a quality product or service for their clients, but also assist their employees to live happier and healthier, which comes full circle back to their bottom line. Learn how!

Health Professionals

If you have become exhausted with chronically unhealthy patients not changing and begin to question all the meds you are prescribing to simply control a disease rather than cure the cause of it, then let's talk.

  • A Plant-Based Dietary Intervention Study

    A Plant-Based Dietary Intervention Improves Beta-Cell Function and Insulin Resistance in Overweight Adults: A 16-Week Randomized Clinical Trial

  • High Nutrient Density (HND) Diet Study

    Glycemic and cardiovascular parameters improved in type 2 diabetes with the high nutrient density (HND) diet

  • Movement associated with Rewards and Game Design Study

    Movement associated with rewards and game design in non-game elements (with the assistance of rewards and accountability)


161% increase in overall daily steps
56% of Patients reduced their HBA1C Level
87% of Patients reduced or eliminated Insulin usage
66% more steps goals acheived on participating days