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Welcome to the beginning of your new health. In the coming weeks we will be releasing our app for download, which will give you the power to control your own health….by changing what is on your plate..

But don’t think you will be doing this alone. ProdHealth gives you a dedicated health team and a full community of people just like yourself – who want to eat more plants to save themselves, save their loved ones, and save the world.

From delicious plant based recipes to health data, food journals to track your progress, quick access to medical professionals and even a Marketplace to purchase healthy living products……we make it as easy as possible.

“This sounds expensive”

Think again.

If your employer sponsors us, then it is free for you! In fact, you actually get paid!

If you sign up on our individual platform then you will have the ability to customize a bundle ranging from a one-time at-home lab kit all the way to full blown value based health coaching (so this means you don’t pay until we improve your health markers!)

Did we mention that we will also be calculating your environmental footprint by changing whats on your plate?? Yes, you will be saving the world 3x per day and we will show you every step.

We are beyond excited to start this journey with you.

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