Improve your business by improving your people and your financials

Businesses today have the unique position to not only turn a profit for their investors and provide a quality product or service for their clients, but also assist their employees to live happier and healthier, which comes full circle back to their bottom line.

Give us a shot, its free! We think you will be surprised with your employees engagement in a program like ours.

We do the work.
You and your employees get the credit.

We find a structure that works for you, so lets sit down and discuss your current coverage and your current wellness initiatives. Don’t want to pay upfront and stress over ROI, sounds like we should talk. At ProdHealth we operate on 100% value based agreements whether it is shared savings or a risk factor reduction model, bringing both your employees and your expenses a little health and wellness before we charge a dime. 

Through our proprietary model we will meticulously track health and monetary progress and report it back to our partners in a secure fashion.

All of your employees will gain voluntary access to our platform. Employer and ProdHealth will sign annual contracts to agreed upon baseline measures, and we will do the rest of the work for you. Sit back and watch the savings and happier and healthier employees come in. There is no money required upfront, and no committed payments without success – it is a true 100% value based solution.

Healthier employees are happier, more productive, are more cost efficient and have less absent days.

We also pay them supplemental rewards income if on our program. It makes you look good, them feel good, and save you money, a win for all!