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The current food system has failed you. From advertising, to food prices and availability, to grocery stores, to societal judgments, to doctors, its difficult to be healthy. We will make it easier for you, teach you how to navigate the system, prove our results and also reward you along the way!

Our 4 Easy Steps...

Step 1

Order a ProdHealth Lab Kit.
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Step 2

Download the ProdHealth App and view your Lab results.

Step 3

Want to improve things?
We'll put a personlized plan together.

Step 4

Improve your health and SAVE THE WORLD!

Are you ready?


We honor the value system at ProdHealth. If you stick with us, we will achieve results and to stand by that, you don’t have to pay us until we do! Our initial lab kit runs $74.99, but after that, your balance only builds as we achieve results, and you only ever pay us a one-time $74.99 as you happily and healthily pay down your successful investment.  We believe in you if you believe in us!  Order your At-Home Lab Kit to get started!


Want to join ProdHealth for free?  Your company could offer ProdHealth as a benefit to you and all of your colleagues.  Our platform offers a convenient way for you and your company to reduce healthcare costs and get healthy…and at the same time earn rewards!  Enter your company information below and we’ll reach out for a introduction, if we sign them then you will receive 3 months of double referral rewards!

You may be unknowingly hurting yourself by the foods that you thought were nutritious. And you might think getting some movement towards a more healthy lifestyle is impossible…all you really need is a little nudge.  We’re here to help.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

―  Hippocrates

So what do you get with ProdHealth?

The platform and mobile app connect you to experts in nutrition and wellness, giving you unprecedented access to knowledge and expertise to improve your lifestyle with hands-on coaching. In addition, track your biometrics with all the latest connected devices on the market with our intuitive dashboard. Share your data with your trusted team of doctors, coaches and friends to build a support system to help you succeed.

User Experience

Our intuitive dashboard makes tracking your wearable and connected device data easy. Share the data with your team and get up to the minute recommendations on dietary choices.

In-Person Support

Whether you need a weekly in-person visit from your health coach to help shop at your local grocery store, go for a run with you, or help meal prep for the upcoming week, our platform puts the resources in place to help you get results.

24/7 Health Coaching and Advice

Our platform contains digital tracking of BMI and blood glucose readings, and scheduled blood pressure and cholesterol testing to share with your family doctor or discuss with a ProdHealth doctor. Get all access, all the time to our exclusive diet and exercise recommendations and advice from our experts


Our system is completely secure, all data remains secured on our platform unless you share it. ProdHealth only shares top down data with employers and publications. Any individualized data stays on the platform unless otherwise instructed by you. You are able to share your data with primary care physicians, other care providers as well as friends and family. All data between devices and our platform is encrypted, in order to secure the highest level of HIPPA compliance.

Is ProdHealth right for you?
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