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John Dieser – ProdHealth

John Dieser

Chief Executive Officer

John Dieser

John Dieser is founder and CEO of ProdHealth. John brings with him a career of experience in healthcare investing at two prominent investment funds in NYC. An athlete through out college and beyond allowed him to continue to eat anything without much concern, until a realization via self taught nutrition, its relation to the very medical field that he followed, economic pressure and environmental disdain collectively nudged him towards a different career path to find a solution that met each and every one of those challenges. It comes from what we put on our plates. Now a certified health coach and an e-Cornell Plant Based nutrition graduate, John has set out to build a functional platform for both employers and their employees, and municipalities and their citizens to become a better product of themselves, immediately address all of the problems stated earlier, and simply live a happy and healthier life……with a little extra change in their pockets and positive environmental impact as well! After their family grew out of their NYC space, John, his wife Maria, two kids JJ and Emmie and their dog Tica, currently reside in Bethlehem, PA, where John was raised. He attended Villanova University for his undergraduate studies and also received his MBA from there as well. We don’t have to wait for any one else or for policy to change to make our world better, we can change what we eat today.

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