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Michael Laing – ProdHealth

Michael Laing

Head of West Coast

Michael Laing

Michael Laing the Head of West Coast Development for ProdHealth. He has a Bachelor's in Science in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, where he graduated cum laude. Michael initially wanted to pursue an M.D., but realized his passions lied in preventing chronic disease which is only attainable through helping individuals change their lifestyles holistically. He continued his education and received several certifications including, a Plant Based Nutrition certification from e-Cornell, a Fitness Nutrition certification and a Personal Training certification from the American Council of Exercise, and a Food Manager certification from ServSafe. Michael is currently pursuing a Registered Dietician’s License which he will be able to sit for after he completes his Program of Dietetics at the University of Southern California in 2021. Michael is using his education and health coaching experience to develop ProdHealth’s Health Coach Guidelines which health coaches will use to help their clients transform their lifestyle and daily habits.

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