The fight against TOR, a main culprit…..Milk. Its bad stuff, and don’t forget, cheese is milk.

Now, I will bring up something that I probably shouldn’t, because no one makes money on prevention, right? But at ProdHealth we want to help those suffering from Acne or Erectile Dysfunction, 2 very early pre-cursors to more serious and costly diseases. The American medical system makes trillions of dollars by keeping people sick enough to live on thin ice, and what keeps them from falling in is their prescription drugs, it’s a glorious market for those making and selling the drugs. The ProdHealth team would rather see confident, yet still awkward, teens walking to school with no pimple nicknames and responsible and enjoyable sexual interactions between young men and women as they enter adulthood.  If we can accomplish that, then I’d be willing to make a bet that you will see less T2D, hypertension and cholesterol problems. The healthcare landscape is changing, instead of a junk yard, it is going to look like a well oiled inspection center, and there will be sufficient dollars for all in that world.

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