Try and google “What causes obesity?” and you will likely come out looking strung out.

Children are having their childhoods taken away from them by this epidemic, and adults are leading the way into an unsustainable trend. Just by going outside to walk around, or looking at a photo of NYC streets now vs the 50’s….you can see the difference and its not just in the outfits. Carbs make you fat, fat makes you fat, sugar makes you fat, we need more protein, sitting on the couch makes you fat – the reasons overwhelm us. That’s why we focus on you, you are the product of your own health.  Obesity is a blank canvas problem in the world of diet and lifestyle. At ProdHealth, we focus on the bioindividuality of this problem. Maybe its an addiction, a favorite video game, bullying at school, sedentary lifestyle, social media, boyfriend/girlfriend problems, a tight budget to food shop or not enough time between little league practices to eat healthy……we get it, let us help.

There is no reason children should be bullied for being obese, young professionals shouldn’t get the job offer because they are overweight, or severe anxiety should take over dating confidence because your weight got a little out of control. We can keep it in control, and by staying in control then statistically we can be a much more valuable product of ourselves with much lower chances of more severe problems down the road (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc etc)

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