If you clicked on this link, then statistics say that you can go ahead and click on the T2D link above, because you will soon be developing full on type 2 diabetes unless you change your ways.  Contact ProdHealth to stop the bull in its tracks and take your life back.

The World Health Organization (WHO), states that type 2 diabetes affects over 220 million people globally and the consequences of high blood sugar kill 3.4 million every year. These are astonishing numbers, numbers of massacre proportions. If you come on board with ProdHealth, you will be one of those figures to reverse the trend, saving lives, and saving many animals lives along the way as well. Yes, you can save many, many lives.

The below link is the exact reason the US Government created the DPP, and is still terrified of what is to come.

“By 2035 it is estimated that 8% of the global population ($471million people) will be classed as ‘pre-diabetic’ – putting them at significantly higher risk of developing full type 2 diabetes. Such startling statistics are ticking bomb for healthcare costs, but could also be a huge opportunity for the industry to help in prevention.”

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