Psoriasis is one of those chronic inflammation problems that when treated with diet and lifestyle, can benefit you, the product of yourself, in several other additional ways. Like going to the mechanic to get your tires realigned (psoriasis), only to have them tell you they changed your oil (allergies) and put on new brake pads (high blood pressure) for no additional charge.

Potassium, Potassium, Potassium – boost the steroid that your adrenal gland makes called glucocorticoids, which is made to help kidneys excrete the extra potassium but also suppresses inflammation. Like shooting off a flare gun when lost at sea (abundance of potassium), adrenal glands send off the rescue team and not only extract the crew (help kidney get rid of extra potassium), but they also fix your boat (repair inflammation).  98% of Americans are potassium deficient. Recommended minimum 4700mg per day. Why is it that US is one of 4 countries that recommends a higher than most minimum level, but yet we can’t even come close to what our ancestors ate.

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